I would like to thank my fans…

Welcome to Soy Milk and Vinegar!

I would like to thank you for stopping by and taking a look. After a lot of positive feedback on my Instagram account I have decided to start a food blog where I can share all of my recipes and highlight food establishments that offer delicious plant-based options. Sorry, restaurants with shitty plant-based options will not be talked about, haha.

Soy milk ad vinegar? Well, it’s simple: when I became plant-based the first trick I learned when baking was to combined soy milk and vinegar. It helps make the cake batter fluffy and light. It’s a beautiful thing. So, I’m paying homage to it! Never forget where you come from homies…even in the kitchen.

I promise I will never claim to be an expert in this field. I can promise there will be no quick and fancy chopping. I can also promise to use ingredients in weird (or technically incorrect) ways, but I can also promise all of the energy and love I put into my food makes up for all of it!


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